Roller Cleaner

How to clean paint rollers

How to clean paint rollers. With the roller cleaner can remove paint that no longer want to use. in 3 simple steps: 1. glass cleaner to the outside of the roll.   2. remove excess paint roller.   3.shows the cleaner at the end of the roll…

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Roller to remove bubbles polyester

Metallic Roller Aerator

Roller Roller Aerator Aerator Metallic Metallic is particularly suitable for removing bubbles polyester resins and glass fibers. There are two varieties : Those with the slats arranged horizontally. Those with the slats arranged vertically.  

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Cano paint brush manufacturer
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Paint Manufacturers

Paint manufacturers In Spain there are very good paint manufacturers. Our country is one of the biggest paint exporter. Products range and good quality-price relationship are some reasons to export paint abroad. Some of the paint manufacturers are : Bruguer Titanlux paintings…

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Cano manufacturer of paint rollers

Cano manufacturer of paint rollers

Cano manufacturer of paint rollers. Cano manufacturer of paint rollers. Rollers Rollfit the range consists of a wide variety. As used polyamide fabrics manufacturer, perlon, polyester, poliacrílics, sponges, wool and others. Long and short piles for smoothes and rough surfaces. The interiors are particularly robust to withstand more jobs…

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Brico Dépôt large DIY
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Brico Dépôt Brico Dépôt Buy paints and painting tools in the large DIY and Brico Dépôt, Leroy Merlin, Bauhaus, etc. It is one of the options we have available. Make note that these shops publish leaflets calling “downloads” in which put some items with low margins to attract…

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Round Paint Brush

Round paint brush

Round Brush painting has traditionally been the choice of professional painters in some regions. It is also called pressed or Media Brush Brush. It is used to trim, ie paint room edges then move the roller to the other surfaces.  

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like smooth walls with paint roller to paint painter professional Drip paint antigota

Master Overflow paint roller

Overflow Master Roll is a professional tool for applying paint on walls, floors and ceilings. It is made of nylon fabric for better distribution of paint. Besides its bi-component handle provides a soft touch and excellent ergonomics. Drip over other rollers, the Master Overflow can say…

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Lana Master painter painting roller

Master Lana paint roller

Lana Master Roll is ideal for painting. Its use is universal, which means it can be used with all types of paints. Especially recommended for rough and fine mortar, painted walls, washable and breathable acrylic paints. It is made of natural wool 100%, diameter 50 mm., bimateria handle and rod 7 mm….

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stirrers economic professionals for varnishes paints enamels

Pallet Brimax

PALETINA Brimax New Paletina Brimax is a new product manufactured by Cano. PERFEX bristles combines excellent for use with paintings monolayers, enamels and varnishes and metal surfaces. They come in three colors : blue, orange and gray. Each color is for a type of paint / surface. They are quality tools.   Con Pallet Brimax …

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cano logo maker paintbrushes and useful for painting

Cano S.A.

Cano Cano logo is a manufacturer of painting tools from 1.950 Actually is one of the most important painting tools supliers in Spain . Portfolio includes Painting Brushes, artist brushes, flat and round brushes, roll paint, scrapers, trays, extension poles and effects tools. We also have speakers and linear. Some History The Company History…

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Paint Stores provider, Industrial supplies, Paint Stores

Linear painting tools

Linear painting tools is a display of paintbrushes, rollers and painting tools Expose an orderly and attractive to your client brushes and rollers. In the same way, we can supply Linear painting tools including paintbrushes, Brushes, Brushes, Paint Rollers, Mini Pint Rollers, Extension poles, Painter cuvettes, grids, Spatulas, Cutters, Trowels, Bodybuilder tape,…

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