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Cano Painting Tools

Cano has a wide range of tools for painting.

First, paint brushes, flat and round brushes, artist brushes, roll paint, scrapers, trays, alargos, cinta krepp, paper tape and special for decorative effects.

Notably, our customers are paint shops, stores that are dedicated to the distribution of brushes, artist brushes, rollers and other painting tools, hardware store, hypermarkets of DIY, manufacturers of paints and building materials stores.

The available categories are :

– Paint Brushes

– Paint Rollers

– Spatulas

– Accessories

– Decorative effects

– Eco Line

Also, within paintbrushes we highlight the Paletinas or flat brushes, round paint brushes, also called “pressed”, round brushes, plans, and brochones.

On rollers we include both large diameters 40,50 Y 60 like the Mini rolls with diameters 15 Y 30 mm.

In the same way, Ins will find a wide range of products for the preparation and protection paint jobs.

Thus, The decorative effects refers to those tools that are used to make Estucos, Veladuras, Marbled and other effects of High Decoration.

Finally, Eco Line category consists of low cost products for throwaway.

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