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The brush

Brush bristle tied to the end of a handle, serving especially for painting. It consists of a handle, ferrule and bristle. Its shape can be flat (commonly called brushes), or round. Mango: Elongated or narrow part with a free end which can be seized a tool or utensil. The handle…

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paintbrushes painter painting decorative artist
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The brush

Composed of a handle that subject has a bunch of hairs or bristles on one end. Pony Hair Types: Pony hair is cylindrical, dark and very soft. Used usually for watercolors by school. Ox-ear: it comes from the inside of the ears. It is elastic and durable….

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painter painting roller
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Cylinder covered natural matter or synthetic fabric that swivels metallic and fitted with a handle used to paint surfaces. Tissue: · Natural: Sheep wool hair long and Velour (sheep's wool short hair). · Synthetic: Polyamide, Polyester, POLYACRYLIC, Microfiber and G-Felt.   Description Handle rod pictogram rollers fabric Application Solvent

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spatula painter painting
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The spatula

Palette, usually small, with sharp edges and long handle, painters used to do certain mixtures, and also used in other trades. A spatula is a tool that consists of a sheet metal or plastic handle flat. According to their use, There are different types of spatula: Painter: It is used to clean, smoothing, scratch,…

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decorative effects
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Decorative effects

A great deal of passion for everything that is original. The sashes for decoration effects without limits have expanded the horizon of the application of paints in the sector. High demand and customized productions are performed. Is for an exclusive work in decoration.   Description pictogram decorative effects Mango Sponge Virola…

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