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How to Paint Roller

Paint roller is an easy task and excellent results in a short time.

First you must purchase a quality paint and basic tools to do the job properly.


  • Paint: We must distinguish between the different types that exist in the market and depending on the work that we will perform provide us appropriate. Consider whether it is for indoor or outdoor and the type of surface that we will paint.

  • Roller: If indoor shorthaired choose one and if outdoor, Longhaired.

How to Paint Roller

  • Brush: We will take to those places where we do not reach with the roller. We can buy a flat or round or Paletina.

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  • Surface Preparation: Let the paint surface smooth and clean

  • Protection elements: Elements that do not want to paint, furniture, plugs, doorframes, radiators,etc. will protect protective foil, Crepe paper tape and tape.

  • Paint Preparation: Following the recommendations of the paint manufacturer ( instructions on the boat ) We prepare the paint and will miss a cuvette provided corresponding grid, which will serve to properly load the roller paint.

  • Application: Helping us of an extension cord, to reach the highest places, apply paint by rolling the roller without pressing against the wall. This is to give a homogenous a uniform layer. If necessary, once dried, we would give another hand.

Paint with roll easily

If the roll is new, wet it is advisable to lose excess hair, then you should dry well.

The first step is to dip the roller in two or three centimeters of paint, using the grid so that it does not drip, starting to paint 30 centimeters of soil and 15 centimeters from the wall and corners.

The secret is to distribute the paint without putting too much on the wall, with long upward strokes applying light pressure.

Load paint roller and avoid to stay dry is vital. Immersing the roll completely avoid the paint to prevent between the shaft and the paint disperses.

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