How to Paint a Room
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How to Paint a Room

We can paint a room white or colored, depending on the type of decoration you choose.

paint room

paint room, high decoration

We can also paint with a high decoration technique, as stucco.

Select the type of paint is one of the first steps for painting a room.

Preference depend on the substrate on which the paint will be applied, that is to say, whether it is wood, cast, concrete or other surface.

It should be borne in mind that certain colors are more difficult to implement than others; a dark paint out all the irregularities of the bottom, thus requiring a preparation much more accurate wall.

For painting walls already painted very strong color, It is appropriate to use a water washable paint. In fact, It is recommended to wait at least 4 hours before proceeding with the actual painting.

paint room

paint room, high decoration

For primerless, expect others 5 hours, or the next day, and passing the second layer, which will result in a more homogeneous color.

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