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How to make a Venetian Stucco Trowel

The application of the Venetian stucco Llana is a laborious task but very attractive results.

  1. Prepare the paint following the manufacturer's instructions paint.
  2. Painted wall. We cut the Cano edges with a round brush and cover with a roller inside Cano Master Overflow.
  3. We wait for the wall to dry.
  4. We prepare the paste for stucco adding the colorant and mix well wish.
  5. Stucco apply dough troweling Cano.
  6. After each hand sanded stucco with very fine sandpaper and add more dye paste stucco to darken each layer.
  7. Fill more paste Stucco.
  8. When we pass the Llana dry Cano to achieve the desired brightness.
  9. Apply wax Stucco.
  10. Back to troweling Cano to get more shine.

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