Manufacturer of Brushes Varnish Parquet and Timber
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Manufacturer of Brushes Varnish Parquet and Timber. Cano makes specific paintbrushes to apply varnishes for floors and parquet.

How varnish with brush and parquet wood floors.

Varnishing brush flat, also called Paletina is necessary to choose a good paint and a good brush.

The most suitable for varnishing floors Paletinas are large sizes. They are often referred to by Inches (“). Here we leave equivalencies in centimeters.

5” = 12,5 cms

6”= 15 cms

7” = 17,5 cms

8” = 20 cms

Follow step by step the manufacturer of varnish.

Process to varnish brush

As already it mentioned above is very important to choose a good quality brush. Paintbrushes recommend as a manufacturer of varnishing parquetry and Wood use Paletina Canaria Mango Plano Cano.

Once prepared the surface varnishing :

Varnish deposited into a cuvette or tray.

Enter the brush into the varnish to a maximum of 50% bristles.

  • Applying varnish giving uniform strokes in the direction of the grain of the wood.
  • Once dry, applies a second hand.

– Sand between coats of varnish

Between coat and coat of varnish, once dry, sand with a fine sandpaper so that there are no lumps or burrs in the varnish.

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