basic tools for painting
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basic tools for painting

basic tools for painting

Materials and basic utensils

In this post we show which are the essential tools for most decorative projects.

All of them are in and paint stores in different qualities and prices.

It is advisable to purchase good quality materials, because they last longer and make work easier as those offered in Cano-SA.



It is desirable to have two or three flat brushes of different sizes, and round brushes to outline corners, window and door frames.

They must be bristle, synthetic or synthetic mixture sow but in either case must be of good quality.

Brushes should be flat synthetic hair strand; They are not needed more than two.

Both brushes and brushes should be washed with soap and water after use.

Paint Rollers

Hair roller determines the finish coat of paint.

Roll long hair:

leaves a slightly grainy texture, good as finished itself, but rather it is limiting subsequent decorative work.

Short hair roller, or unglazed:


It gives a very smooth finish, ideal for downstream applications sponge or other means.

The roller plastering:


leaves a rough surface.

spatulas rigid


Useful both to prepare the walls for mixing certain pigments.

It is desirable to have different widths spatulas.

After finishing work dry debris should be removed by scraping blade on one another until both the surface and the edges are thoroughly cleaned.


Spatula putty


They are wider and more flexible than the rigid spatulas and let you apply the putty on the wall leaving a slightest trace.

They sold in packs of four spatulas in different sizes.

It is very important that the blade is completely clean of any remaining dry, as this would cause grooves and markings in the putty that would be made visible by painting.



Plain are essential when working with stucco paste or any other thick paste.

It is advisable to have two of them: a large square to transport the pasta: and another smaller and lighter, round edges, stucco for application on the wall.

As in the case of spatulas to caulk, the flat surfaces must be completely clean.

Scotch tape


Paper should be, never plastic type, not to detach the base paint to unstick.

If you want to further reduce its adhesive power because the paint is delicate, It can be done by wiping the adhesive side before gluing the wall.

It should have tapes of various widths.

Cutter and metal ruler


Both are necessary to cut templates, masks and scraps of paperboard or cardboard.

The rule should be long and metal, because the plastic would quickly nicked when making successive cuts with cutter.

Complementing, it is interesting to have a plastic rubber mat cutter that will not scratch the surface of the worktable

Cube and grid


Indispensable when you should paint roller.

They may be plastic or metal and should be washed thoroughly after each use.

To prevent paint from clogging the screen openings and any residues of dried paint that can be mixed with new paint in later works.

natural sponge


Very useful in all kinds of jobs.

No two are alike, and that the pores must be chosen (different on both sides) best fit the type of foam that is desired.

The more pores, less dense will finish.

synthetic sponges


They are inexpensive and very useful both for special finishes to keep clean the working material.

We can cut them into pieces to facilitate stenciled of small sizes.

In most lofty it will be preferable to break the sponge in half to get a torn irregular surface to leave a footprint in line with our needs.

Mask and gloves


When working with solvent or powder pigments containing heavy metals (lead, cadmium, cobalt, etc.), masks and gloves should be used special rubber.

These protective measures must be complemented by good ventilation of the room in which we work.


You'll be amazed to find the large number of containers that are necessary during work: paint buckets, buckets of clean water, containers mixtures, foamed trays, etc.

Water carafes five or more liters, halved, containers are a perfect and very cheap.

Also, it is important to have cubes of different sizes, trays, plastic plates, trays and other containers of smooth faces in the paint can not be embedded.

Measuring tape

To make measurements comfortable and adjusted is essential to have a metal tape of good quality and not less than five meters.

tools basic to paint

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