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Paint roller kit

Cano manufactures paint roller kit in different compositions, being able to combine brushes, Brushes, Paint Rollers, Brushes, Scrapers, Sheets cover everything, Extension poles, bodybuilder tapes, Buckets, Trays and other accessories for the painter.

As a manufacturer of Painter's Tools we have the following competitive advantages :

  • Factory prices and therefore adjusted costs.
  • Flexibility to make the Kit proposed by the client.
  • Reduced delivery times.
  • Personalization of the product with the Distributor's brand, GSB, GSA, Exporter or Online Store.
  • Advice for the preparation of the Kit.

The paint roller kit or set of tools for painting is a product that is increasingly in demand by the final customer or DIYer because it allows them to buy all the necessary tools to carry out the painting work..

Contact us and request your kit. We will make a budget according to your needs.


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