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Best paintbrushes

Best paintbrushes are performing a uniform paint application leaving a smooth layer, homogeneous and unmarked.

When we ask what are the best paintbrushes we are thinking of a tool that leaves no hairs on the surface, to provide a layer with good cubación and make us feel we have done a good job.

Why do we say that a brush is good ? What we need to assess factors ? What are the technical characteristics that must meet ?

  • paintbrushing : It is the ability to provide fluid brush strokes and uniform.
  • Load : It is the ability to absorb paint. It can be measured by weighing before dipping the brush in paint and then.
  • Application : It is the mechanical process occurs when pressing the brush, loaded paint, on the surface for the paint to flow evenly leaving a smooth and homogeneous layer.

A brush is simply a tool used to apply paint on a surface. But often we look at the appearance or price to choose it. Or we simply advise us by the seller.

It is true that until we have not used can not say that is “the best brush”. Like other products we consume, the brand should be a factor to consider. Manufacturers with a tradition, experience, i+d+i, They put all their knowledge in their products and the brand is a true reflection of it.

Cano took from 1.950 developing products that provide satisfaction to the most demanding painters.


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