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Before painting it is convenient sanding walls for good paint adhesion, varnish or enamel.

Which it is necessary for proper use The spatula and sanding block surfaces before painting.

Thus, with spatula we remove the remains of paintings that are not properly attached to the walls or wood. And with the sanding block and obtain a smooth surface ready for painting.

Before getting down to work and paint the house or room must detect and fix the walls, mainly, abrading the surface, sealing holes or fixing the damage, so that when painting, optimum results.


We can not lose sight when sanding walls:

1) The damage to the wall
2) Small holes and cracks
3) Large holes in drywall
4) The poor or old stains on the wall
5) The globs of glue

Sanding the walls, Painter tools

The Sanding blocks we have them in three grains : thick, medium and fine.

Thus, first we use the coarse sanding major irregularities and finish with fine-grained finish for an ideal support to paint.

In the same way, It is vitally important and it depends on the quality of the finish, that the paint surface is clean, dry, and free of substances that prevent proper adhesion of paint, we're talking about fat, oils, glues, saltpeter and other.

We can not forget the dust, before, during and after painting, especially, after sanding walls.

In consecuense, el polvo que se encuentra adherido a la superficie por el paso del tiempo o producto del lijado.

It must be completely removed, otherwise affect the grip of the paint and the smoothness of painted area.

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