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Linear painting tools is a display of paintbrushes, rollers and painting tools

Expose an orderly and attractive for the customer brushes and rollers.

In the same way, we can supply Linear painting tools including paintbrushes, Brushes, Brushes, Paint Rollers, Mini Pint Rollers, Extension poles, Painter cuvettes, grids, Spatulas, Cutters, Trowels, Bodybuilder tape, Lija tacos and Tools for Decorative Effects.

From a module you need to implement in its new draft store. Is, definitely, an attractive presentation that will help you increase sales.

Exhibitor paintbrushes and spatulas Rollers

In consecuense, the main idea of ​​the linear presentation tools for painting is linear and orderly system with which the main objectives are achieved:

1.-Optimize space

2.-Placing the pieces to attract customers.

3.-basic product information to inform the consumer what you need.

The items we use as tools give us three solutions when painting




Notably we offer Paletinas special for each type of paint that can be displayed on the Linear painting tools:

  • Plastic paint
  • Water paint
  • Nail polishes
  • varnishes
  • Round brushes for all kinds of paints
  • stirrers Radiators: for difficult access, stirrers Canarias: for large surfaces and Paletinas Spalter: for decorative purposes
  • Brushes: for small or difficult to access surfaces

Paint Rollers

  • Paint Rollers special to:

Interior Painting


  • mini rollers:for small areas and difficult access

plastic paints


Cuvettes and Cue rest

First, We have selected a number of buckets and extension cords that are going to help implement both brushes and roller.


  • papers Protectors: Adhesive to protect those areas that can not be painted
  • plastic coverall: To cover furniture, floors and objects that can be spotted when applying paint.


  • vultures: useful to prepare the surface before restoring. The present three forms and distinctive for each type of area to be abraded.

– Leaves



  • Finally, metal brushes: brushes with metal spikes acting as an abrasive for polishing areas and prepare prior to painting.

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