ways to paint walls
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The original painted walls can be done with a brush or brush.

They can imitate marble or simply drawings that we like. Combining colors and a little artistic spirit achieve surprising results.

ways to paint walls Painting made by the Colorería with Cano Brush

Drawings for living room walls

Choose various colors you like, a Paletina and a Cano Brush and combine the shapes and colors with geometric figures, irregular or drawings. It's like painting a picture.

We recommend water-based paints as they are easier to use, they are quick drying and you have a multitude of colors.

Choose a wall of the room to make the drawing, you can paint the other walls in a plain color. You will highlight the wall painted with the drawing and the room will look spectacular.

Murals for living rooms decoration

Simply with your artistic skills and with paint you can make an original decoration of your living room. Consider the color of the soil, the furniture and curtains. Take natural light into account, how it affects your stay. With all this you can make decisions that you like.

Color range for painting walls

Paint manufacturers have a wide range of colors to paint walls. Check out the Titan wall color chart, Bruguer, Amount, Valentine. It will help you choose the plain color of those cloths in the room that you want to combine with the wall painted with a drawing. Another option is that you make your own colors by mixing the basics.

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