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Painting with water-based paints

Water-based paints are paints whose base is water. To add water to dilute. They are inoloras and dry quickly.



Chalk Paint Brush

Tips for painting with water paints :

First.- Choose a brush quality. Within our range Master Line You have the series Max. You can select following colors that identify the type of paint and the surface of which concerned. Not the same varnish to paint a wooden building a surface for painting with acrylic paint.

Second.- Prepare the surface before painting. Removes leftover paint, dust, stains and other debris that may remain on the surfaces you are going to paint.

Third.- Follow the manufacturer's instructions paint. Brush dipped in paint, appropriately diluted, until the 3/4 bristles. Do not immerse the ferrule ( metal part ). Take long strokes extending uniformly painting. For wooden surfaces, follow the direction of the grain of the wood.



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