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Find below the Linear modular exhibitor to display the tools in Paint Stores.

Aimed at manufacturers Paintings, Industrial supplies, Paint Stores and Distributors of Building Materials. Businesses that want to have ordered all elements necessary for the professional painter and / or bricolador.

expandable modular system meters that are necessary to adapt to each business space. It contains hooks for brushes, flat and round brushes, roll paint, spatulas and cubetas.Además, Tray for submission of brushes with separators sizes, retro illuminated cornice and horizontal trays for various products. portaprecios can also be included on the hooks to provide information to the buyer.

Cano, Painter tools, We offer advice to have a sufficiently broad and adequate supply to the type of business. We can make a proposal for implementation that is suitable for applying all kinds of paints.

At the same time, the customer can modify and adapt the range to your target audience and your business strategy.

We seek with these linear the flexibility to different businesses but with a common goal: Get the maximum return to the meters of sales area.

The gray cabinet to place the hooks drilled where desired, consists of some vertical profiles at the ends serve to connect the different modules through anchors.

The width of each module measures 1,33 meters.

Finally, the customer having scattered tools for painting on your selling space, you can centralize and improve the image of your business.

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