brush size or number of brush
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brush size – number of brush and brush number

Size of paint brush to paint, knows all measures.

It is one of the major unknowns when painting, size / number / measures brushes or brush suitable, so from Cano we give these tips:

brush size – number of brushes

The brush:

Brush bristle tied to the end of a handle, serving especially for painting. It consists of a handle, ferrule and bristle. Its shape can be flat (commonly called brushes), or round.

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Brush materials shall know, type surfaces, diluent type, thus you shall know that brush pick.

The size flat brushes: traditionally numbering is written in the virola.

Ferrule: Collar of metal or plastic that serves to reinforce the handle of a tool in this marriage with Tang (part of a tool which is inserted into the handle.

Mango: Elongated or narrow part with a free end which can be seized a tool or utensil. The handle of the brush can be of wood or plastic.

CERDA: Hair brush, brush, brush, synthetic or animal matter.

Epoxy: Adhesive base epoxy is an adhesive with excellent properties. It consists of two parts: hardener and resin. It is the one we use to attach the bristles with handle and ferrule.

Size / measures / number represents the width of Virola, in inches(”) or its equivalent in mm(mm).

brush size or number of brush

brush size or number of brush


To find the Size adequacy of our product, you need to know the extent of your work and find that most suits the.

The brush:

Comprises a handle where one end has a bunch of hairs subject or bristle.

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And ye shall know the materials we use on the handle, virola ,the type of bristles, use for certain areas, type of diluent, so you will find a quality brush that easily fits your need.

On our website web / brush you will find technical data sheets with the size washer and long bristle for a better choice.



brush size , number, dimensions of the brush

brush size or number of brush



brush size



The Size the brush varies as the model, manufacturer, the number itself, It does not provide a specific diameter. So the best option to choose your brush is one that satisfies your work, that is to paint small details, will choose a fine brush and vice versa.




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