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Manufacturing process

Taking care of every detail

In a good manufacturing process, the selection of the best raw materials is essential. Our purchasing department analyzes domestic and foreign providers, choosing the best. In this way we make sure that the final product has a high quality.
Once we have the best raw materials we proceed to the manufacture of the brush:
We start with the coding of the wooden handle, plastic or bi-material. Depending on the surface you are going to mark we use printing, adhesive labels or laser.
At the same time and in a parallel process make up what we call the brush head, It is the inclusion of the bristles into the ferrule and its gluing. Our automatic machines can produce more than 10000 units per day of each model.
Here is placed the handle at the top and is attached by gluing or stapling.
Finally a machine cleans possible short bristles which have been loose in the manufacturing process, avoiding the annoying loss of bristle when being used in the article.
Packaging and packaging in boxes gives way to the storage of the products manufactured.

Quality Process

Highest quality available

Cano S.A. It has among its main objectives standards of quality with comprehensive controls.
To ensure the commitment made by the company and guarantee the highest quality in all its products to their customer, a programme of objectives that allow continuous improvement of the company at all levels is established annually.


We belong to the following organizations and associations

AECOC-Spanish commercial coding Association
Eurobrush- European Federation of manufacturers of brushes and brushes
Ecoembes- Packaging Spain S.A.