Customers and their satisfaction are the reason for our work, and meet your needs and expectations is one of the main objectives of Cano.
Cano team is sensitive in the defense of the product and service being our main trump card when it comes to loyalty our customers.
Cano products are exposed to a careful and studied manufacturing process, always developed with the cutting edge of technology so that the product adapts to the demands of the consumer.

In our effort to find the products that best suit the needs of our customers, These manufacturing processes of developed with raw materials of the highest quality and the resulting product is treated with a comprehensive and effective control guaranteeing its result.

This continuous state of improvement in our products and processes lead us to undertake innovative projects and expand our horizons of market.

Cano S.A. He keeps up a system of management of quality according to internal procedures. To ensure the commitment made by the company and to guarantee its customers the highest quality in all its products, annually established program objectives that will allow continuous improvement of the company at all levels.


Marketing, assisted by heads of product, provides market knowledge, products and needs to better assess the range options.
Attention customer makes our leaders to understand each customer's requirements to make your signature unique and mobilizes the company to respond in properly. We have a wide commercial network where what matters to us is the human and professional training that drives our customer to enter into a cordial relationship than a simple business contact.

Innovation is essential for the growth of our company, at Cano S.A. We are continuously innovating in services, We have a team that maintains relationship in various fields of our sector as: painting, hardware store, drug stores, DIY Stores…so we can define the new product resulting fit perfectly in all these fields.

Our design team makes a mark in keeping with our times Cano, with a corporate image change whose impact is still very profitable as it conveys a modern enterprise, dynamic and full development.

We monitor the internal procedure and continuous monitoring of the customer's demands (orders, offers, delivery times, administration,…) Since our main objective is to provide a good service to reach our customer satisfaction level who seek and find in Cano S.A.