Brushes set and roller

10,00 €

Set of three brushes and a roller at the best price.
4 Parts ……10€

The painter set

8,00 €

Gets the set of the painter where you'll find all the utensils needed for painting your home.
It consists of two paint brushes, two rollers and protective tape.
8 Parts ……8€

Brushes to the 50%

2,00 €

Buy the set of 2 Palestinian triple max to the 50% its usual price.
2 Parts ……2€

Liquidation of brushes

0,50 €

Liquidation of brushes triple red lead throughout the week.
Brushes from 0' €50

Set of paintings

28,00 €

Get your set of paintings at an unbeatable price.
3 5Kg cans ……28,00€