Manufacturers of brushes from 1950

established in Seville, Cano S.A., land south of Spain and the birthplace of great painters, born production and manufacturing flat and round brushes, paint brushes, artist brushes… always distinguished by the attention to detail and the importance of the customers satisfaction. Customers can select their choice in a vast range of products Cano, the model that best suits your need.

As the main importance of the policy of the company, It is the follow-up to a marketing strategy that involves the search for new production techniques, on the one hand already machined, along with a manual production in response to the warranty that we maintain a high quality in all our products. With this philosophy, We ensure continuity and precision in a market in constant evolution without losing the traditional range that characterizes us.

This passion that Cano is reaching ever more targets for demands of its policy, It is what gets our brand to go being recognized and demanded both at national and international level.

In continuous expansion

Cano S.A. through its continuous market research, It collects data which then serve for a proper decision making to develop needs and find solutions by customer. This research helps to implant in areas of sale as specialty paint stores, hardware store, drug stores, Tools stores, factory paint, hypermarkets of DIY, etc…

Cano is also very interested in the international market, and this continuous evolution gets the closest countries are interested in their products and that Cano items are already marketed in countries like France, Portugal, Morocco, Greece or Italy. We have a network of distributors and commercial distributed throughout Spain and Europe.