like mixing paint colors
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How to mix colors to paint

like mixing paint colors

Color mixing is a simple technique based on a few general concepts applicable to both artistic painting as decoration. So we offer this article on how to mix colors to paint.

Color theory provides elementary mixtures sequence to be respected to achieve the desired shades.

Otherwise, mixtures must be made progressively until a homogeneous result.

Primary colors

like mixing paint colors

They are called primary colors to those that can not be achieved by mixing other colors. Primary are yellow, blue and magenta (Very intense pink).

In the diagram the colors obtained by mixing these three primary shown; magenta and yellow give red: yellow and blue form green, and mixing the blue and magenta intense blue or violet is achieved.

Colored bands illustrate various mixtures of blue and yellow, yellow and red, and green and yellow (giving a light green, but in a very different tone to that obtained by mixing the same green white.

interesting nuances

like mixing paint colors

The basic principles of color mixtures have no real interest when working with harmonic tones suitable to the decoration.

The two gradations that appear on these lines show different hues obtained by mixing sienna, ocher and white (left), and a range of blue sale product mixture neutral gray and cobalt blue.

How to mix colors to paint

warm range

The colors are warm

The range of colors warm colors compose those resulting from mixing yellow, sienna red ocher, and all similar tones to them: land, brown, orange, etc. If these mixtures involving white is added, the result is an extensive collection of tones given here a sample corresponding to a color chart decorative paint.

The rich, warm tones are suitable for rooms facing north and well lit by natural light.

cold range

like mixing paint colors

This collection of cool tones is the result of mixing blue, violet and green.

These combinations enriched to clarify with white and gray darken with bluish.

Cool colors in subdued hues give very good results in rooms bathed by warm lights.

If we want to use intense colors, it is always better to choose pure tones, with few mixtures, so that the relative darkness of tone is compensated by cleaning color.

broken range

broken colors

The broken end of the broken colors consists of colorations product of the same mixture between hot and cold.

These mixtures resulting greyish intonations, rinsed with white, allow harmonic combinations of various colors with little risk of discord.

These colors tend to be more "serious" than the rich tones of the other ranges, Suitable conventional formal stays or decorations.

How to mix colors to paint Find your accessories to paint Cano

Pastel range

pastel colors

They are considered all those pastel tones where white dominates in the mix. Are pale colors that can offer a faded look if you do not choose well.

In general, pastel colors work best are the primary and secondary (obtained by mixing together primary), that is to say; yellow, Red, orange, verde, blue and violet.

Greyish or very mixed tones have to look old or discolored in pastel versions.

Drum to drum


A faster way to get a homogeneous mixture is poured color one drum to another. In this way, bat and paint all the dye is completely integrated into the paint.

Again we progressively increasing amounts of dye by adding only a few drops each time.

Each time we must ensure that no traces of dye on swimming in the paint or accumulated at the bottom of the drum; this indicates that the mixture is not completely homogeneous.

Mix the paint

like mixing paint

The most common way to mix the paint when dyes are used is agitate with a wooden stick directly into the drum.

You have to start adding very small amounts of dye, then, shake vigorously.

Thus we can control the intensity of the tone we want to get progressively adding amount of dye to give the correct tone.

If we rush in adding dye, we risk too dark color, which forced us to add a lot of white paint, squandering color and more expensive work.

Mixed with propeller

propeller mixing paint

There are special propellers for mixing color that can be inserted into a bore.

They are the quickest and cleanest method of mixing, since the speed of rotation ensures a very homogeneous mixture.

These propellers are only useful when trying to mix many liters of paint.

Otherwise it is best to proceed paint stirring with a cane or pouring it from one container to another, as it explained above.

Mix colors with tinting machines


In many stores you can find paintings maquinas tintometricas, They help the client get the color you want.

Mix mechanically colors, introducing the color code is sought, the desired amount is set and ready in a couple of minutes you have the painting.

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