Foam paint brush
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Foam paint brush

The brush foam is suitable for enamelling and varnishing. Obtain uniform finishes with it.

Should be used to deposit a small bucket paint.

It is advisable to immerse the foam of approximately 2/3 in the paint. Then download some of the paint surface helping the bucket that has no paint.

This is important so that the foam paint brush on the surface does not drip or leave drops.

First apply a very thin layer and let dry time specified by the paint manufacturer. Then we give another hand, also very thin, for a perfect finish.

Finally, recommended to paint surfaces are: wood and metal.

Foam brushes are used extensively by finishing that, it gets a clean result with no trace of the bristles of the brush, obviously not having.

Advantages over other brushes

Time saving: Absorbing foam brushes paint is not necessary to wet many times to paint an area.

Thus, brushes as you can see in our shop on line, They have a very affordable price.

It is practical and easy to use.

Easy to clean. Characteristics of these brushes is the great versatility that have, for restoration work from large to small crafts

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