Painter's spatula
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The painter spatula is a tool that consists of a wooden or bi-material handle and a steel blade that can be stainless. Its use is indicated for many types of work such as scratching and removing old paint, prepare surfaces and apply putties, among other.

Types of spatulas

Cano spatulas with wooden and bi-material handles with steel and stainless blades.

Parts of a spatula

1.- The sheet. It is the most important part of the spatula, can be made of steel or stainless, flexible or rigid. The integral blades are attached to the handle with rivets to ensure their firmness..

2.- The edge. Blade edge can be blunt or sharp. Depending on the work to be done, it will be convenient to choose one or the other.

3.- The handle. It can be made of wood, plastic or bimaterial. Professional spatulas are assembled with beech wood or similar and with bi-material. In both cases the handle provides a firm grip and prevents fatigue.

Uses of a spatula

A putty knife has a multitude of uses. As regards construction work, painting and DIY the most common uses are :

  • Scratched. Removal of deteriorated paint, oxides and other remains of coatings that are no longer in perfect condition.
  • Application of plasters. In wall cracks and in areas where the surface is uneven.

How to choose a spatula

Depending on what work we are going to do we will use a spatula or another. For scraping, a spatula with a certain rigidity is better and for the application of plasters a flexible one.

The Cano painter's spatula

Our range of spatulas offers a wide variety, from the simplest for small DIY jobs to the most professional for demanding and intensive jobs. Check out our models with an excellent quality / price ratio.

Cano spatula range


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