Types of paint rollers
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Types of rollers for painting on different surfaces

Types of paint rollers

Types Paint Rollers to paint:

Exterior facades or rollers: They are long hair rollers, its main function is to apply the paint on rough and uneven surfaces. Being the longest hair paint load is greater. The most common diameters are 50 mm y 60 mm. They can be padded, which means that it has a padding to facilitate the adaptability of the roller to the surface., when it is irregular.

Interior rollers or smooth surfaces: They are short hair rollers, the load is less paint and finish is finer. The most common diameters are 40 mm y 50 mm. The most popular of all is the anti-drop whose fabric has a yellow stripe.

Types of paint rollers

Mini Pint Rollers: We can choose the short or long hair. The best sellers are the foam ones that are also called P-0 ( zero pore), the anti-drips and velor ( to apply varnishes on woods ). Allow to apply the paint in places of difficult access. Sizes range from 5 cms until 15 cms and diameters can be 15 mm ó 30 mm.

Rollers for decorative effects: Are special rollers with which we can apply paints and plasters, Florentine lands, etc.

industrial rollers: They are rollers for specific tasks in implementing special paints. Aerator leveling paints and epoxies, etc.

Use the Roller in combination with the brush. They are complementary. For applications on large surfaces use a 22 from 25 cm and take advantage of the versatility of the brush for the edges of the walls or spaces where it is more difficult to access. With a little skill you will do it like a professional and you will have well finished surfaces. Is not difficult, it's a matter of practicing and putting all the love.

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